Living a Fully Present Life


Too busy…too chaotic…too much to do… never enough time. Sound familiar? We live in a fast-paced world where for some, the day doesn’t have enough hours to get everything done. This week someone said to me “I can’t afford to lose an hour of time with Daylight Savings time. I’m barely keeping it together already!”.  The reality is, time is one thing that keeps going and we can never get it back.


So what kind of a life do you want to live? One that doesn’t have enough time for the things and people you love? Caught up so much in your own thoughts that you miss out on beautiful moments? Or one that is fully present, slowed enough to stop and see the details and appreciate the people and world around you?


My personal theme for 2018 was ‘simplify’. Finding a way to slow down, be present with my kids, husband, friends, clients and in everyday moments. To slow down my thoughts, focus on doing what makes sense, rather than doing what feels familiar. It was a tough adjustment but it was LIFE CHANGING. REALLY.


Here are some ideas to try:


1-Practice gratitude everyday. I call them ‘gratitude vitamins’. Take daily, morning and evening. Say 3 things you’re grateful for even before your feet get out of bed, and as they tuck in at night. Its perspective shifting.


2- Show up in mind and body. Put down your phone, set aside that homework or work email, and do things one at a time. Watching your favourite tv show? Just do that one thing, and be fully into it. Be willing to lessen multitasking and trust me, it will make a difference.


3-Prioritize self-care. Focus on getting restful sleep, nourishing your body by eating intuitively and moving your body in fun ways. Throw away the self-judgement and critical self-talk. Say no when you mean no, say yes when you mean yes.


4- Figure out who matters to you most. Love them hard. Show up for them, encourage them, listen to them and make sure they know they’re loved. Life can change in an instant, and nobody leaves this world wishing they spent less time with their loved ones.


5-Be wonderfully, unapologetically YOU. We are all mean to be different – in looks, personality, talents and interests. Comparison will only rob you of your joy. Stop wishing and hoping to look different, be different, or be better. Appreciate your body for what is has done for you today, and your mind for what is has learned today. Slow down, and take each day for the gift it is.


“Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.” 
― Mother Theresa


Written by Alison Elliott, MSW, RSW

March 2019